WonderCon San Francisco

The Man makes his WonderCon Debut

The final mystery is oneself… Henry and Mark are back from their trek to San Francisco’s WonderCon, where The Man made his SF debut and where Henry participated on a very popular panel called, “What’s New In Indie Sci-Fi,” moderated by fellow sci-fi filmmaker DJ Bad Vegan.  They debuted a new trailer of “Pig” and Henry discussed the ways that working outside of the Hollywood system allowed them the opportunity to explore new ideas and play with narrative conventions.  The Man, replete with his customary (and dare I say, smart-looking) orange Hawaiian shirt, black slacks, plastic ties, and black hood, “assumed the position” throughout the convention hall and out front, as attendees gawked, took pictures, shot video, and posed with our Hero.  There’s just something irresistible about a Man in a hood!  They designed a four-page mini-Comic Book and placed it in front of The Man, with folks grabbing copies and reading them.  At a place as busy and as distracting as WonderCon, with studios and other deep-pocketed companies spending tons of money to get fans’ attention, their little guerilla marketing stunt more than held its own.

The Man will be on the streets of Nashville and London drumming up interest for their screenings there very shortly.