We Won!!!!

We’re incredibly happy to report that Pig won BEST FEATURE FILM at the Sci-Fi-London film festival we recently returned from.  It was an incredible honor and bodes well for us going forward.  It was exciting screening the film for such an enthusiastic audience and despite the local distraction–it seems a certain couple was getting married at around that same time–we had a full house and a great Q&A following the screening.  And we received some terrific feedback from folks afterwards.  Here’s a few comments that we’re very proud of:

By the way there was a real buzz about ‘Pig’ in the audience. ‘Best film they’ve shown’ was being said a lot, and I can see why. Such an intelligent, playful and well defended concept, but for me it’s this wounded, reformed animal in the heart of the story that sets it apart from the rest of the Sci-Fi pack.

Congrats again for ‘Pig,’ which is a fantastic movie. I was totally immersed throughout. Nice work on creating a plot that keeps the audience guessing, yet satisfies their questions at the denouement. Really refreshing to watch a clever yet accessible film; one that feels finished and resolved, yet leaves room for discussion and contemplation.

One of the highlights of Sci-Fi London for me – there was no sense of ‘low budget’ at all; in fact the movie felt like an intelligent adaptation of a Philip K Dick story. Kudos.

Saw the film at Sci-Fi-London last night and loved it. I hope it gets the wider exposure it deserves.

And here was a comment we received from a fan who saw it at Nashville and then became a Backer, (thanks, Chris!):

It was a treat to see an intelligent sci-fact film so well produced.  I can’t understand why you don’t have a distribution deal. I’m looking forward to screening the DVD for my friends.  The last good film I’ve seen that comes close to ‘Pig’ was ‘Moon’…but compared head-to-head ‘Pig’ is the easy winner.

Yes! We’ll take that!  It is so incredibly fulfilling to see the film play so well for audiences.  We’re hoping that all of you get a chance to see it on the big screen where it really shines.

Mark Stolaroff, Producer


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