Pig @ Nashville

The Man makes his Nashville Debut

Quick update from Nashville–we premiered the film to two enthusiastic audiences, one on Saturday night and one last night, and it was a thrill to see the film in its final form on the big screen and get the reactions from the audience. Several people came up to us afterwards with stories of their own that related in some way to what was happening in our film. We love that the film was received so warmly and that it provoked so many post-screening conversations. And some of you even became backers after seeing it, and we can’t thank you guys enough.

Now it’s on to London to premiere it to a pure sci-fi audience. Very curious to get that reaction!

Team "Pig" answering questions on the film

Only 56 hours left on our Kickstarter campaign and while we’re very close to our goal, we’re not there yet. We really appreciate the support you all have given to the film. Please pass our campaign on to any friends who might be interested in joining the film. With a last minute push, I know we can get there!

Mark Stolaroff, Producer


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